Kino Flo lights are done!

I have been building my own fluorescent lights for headshots, portraits, and video. After a few weeks of research, and a lot of drilling, painting, and tapping threads, I am done. The lights can handle very high shutter speeds with no shift in exposure. They are flicker-free. I built four of them which allows me to do most setups for portraits and headshots. Now, I just need to get a boom and some grip heads for my stands. I am perfectly pleased with the results. These lights are a joy to use. I am glad I did so much research to make sure I could match Kino Flow’s quality of light. It really paid off. I was able to build all four lights for under $600 after all expenses. I will be putting together a tutorial for those who would like to build the same setup. It should be much easier for those who follow me since I worked with a manufacturer to pre-assemble the light fixtures with ballast as a product. The mounts are awesome and entirely designed by me :) I’ll post some pictures of the lights and mounts later. Thanks to my gorgeous wife for lending me her beauty for this shot!

Thanks for watching!