Duplication of Style – Howard Schatz – projection study




Howard Schatz is an accomplished photographer who has explored many themes. I enjoy his work and his approach to human form. I saw some of his projection studies and it inspired me. Here are two examples (Howard Schatz credited, reference http://www.howardschatz.com/portfolio.php?galleryID=5&subcatID=11.) I am launching into my own projection studies. I am having a great time with light and form :)






On with the show.

I didn’t have the luxury of the studio equipment necessary to blow out the background, so I opted for a black background. I am happy with the increase in contrast and feel it is a more dramatic effect.

All images shot with Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L
ISO 800
60mm (approximate)
1/15 sec

These two examples are very similar in form to the examples and will illustrate the accuracy of duplication.



Let the show go on!

































Thanks for watching :)